American Veterans Deserve Better

My now 28 year old boyfriend was in the Marines for 5 years. He served in Iraq and spent some time in Japan, all before I even met him. He doesn’t talk much about the time he spent at war… occasionally he’ll tell me stories about funny things that happen while he was in Japan. I’d love to ask him about what it was like in Iraq… was he scared? Did he ever get hurt? Did he regret going? But I know just watching war movies can make him uneasy so I don’t want to risk making him upset by asking about his real life situations. It breaks my heart seeing him get like that and I can’t even imagine some of the things he must have went through.

Since he’s been home he’s been going to grad school for fiance and working odd jobs. Now he’s looking for a finance job because he is no longer receiving the little bit of money he was getting for being in the service. He also doesn’t have medical insurance and has had to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get tests done and an emergency hospital visit.

It’s sad to think that there are tons of men and women who have served for our country and barely receive anything back for their sacrifices. Not even a thank you. My Marine came home with all of his limbs and can function on a daily basis but there are others that are far worse off. How horrible is it that we have veterans living on the streets? Homeless veterans…what kind of country did they fight for?

If you ask me, anyone who served their time in the service should receive free heath insurance (not having to wait months and months to maybe get an appointment at the VA hospital) or should at least received a decent set amount of money every month for the rest of their lives. They sacrificed so much for us and put their lives on the line.

What do they get back? One day a year that maybe all of America thanks them.

Thank you to all of our veterans and those who are still serving our country! I appreciate all that you do for us.

American Flag Outside My Window

American Flag Outside My Window


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