Want a view of the world? Climb a lighthouse

If you’re ever on Long Island and the weather’s decent, you should definitely take a trip down to Robert Moses Beach. Of course I wouldn’t suggest going smack in the middle of the summer unless you like sitting shoulder to shoulder with hot oiled up New Yorkers.

The beaches are unbearably packed in the summer but I love walking along the empty beach during the fall or early spring. The sand is clean and soft and you can find gorgeous shells and rocks near the water. It’s very peaceful and the view of the ocean is fantastic.You can check out my earlier post for more beach and lighthouse pictures.

Robert Moses Beach 2011

Rocks along the beach

From the beach you can also see the Fire Island Lighthouse and if you head towards it you can find boardwalks that will lead you right to it. It’s a great little walk and you can spot dear and rabbits on the way. There are also benches to stop and sit as you go. I’ve taken great pictures of the lighthouse from the path that captures the vast sky behind it and the tall grass in front.

Fire Island Lighthouse 2011

Fire Island Lighthouse

Before you get to the actual lighthouse there is a small building that you can go in to see the original glass that was used for the beacon. There was a little old man working there when I went this weekend and he was able to give us tons of facts and information about the lighthouse. He also gave us a free postcard with the lighthouse on it which I loved.

Original Glass for Fire Island Lighthouse 2011

Original glass for the beacon

The lighthouse itself is right next door. There is a small gift shop inside and you can pay a small admission fee to take a trip up to the top of the lighthouse. We didn’t have time to go to the top this time but I’d definitely suggest doing it if you can. You get a great view of the ocean and the inside of the lighthouse is pretty cool to see.

Fire Island Lighthouse 2011

Fire Island Lighthouse

You can find out more about the Fire Island Lighthouse

Fire Island Lighthouse 2011

Fire Island Lighthouse


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