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Quick Crochet Baby Bear Hat With Ears

This past winter my aunt and I donated some of our time to a good cause by crocheting baby hats for a local church who then in turn, donated them to local hospitals. The hospitals give the donated hats to newborns that might otherwise leave for home with a bare head. This pattern is very easy to do and can be completed in a little more than an hour.

You can see 2 of the bear hats that I made below. I also took this crochet pattern minus the ears and altered it to make a few other types of baby hats which I will include in future post.

This pattern will make an infant sized hat. Use a size H or I crochet hook and 4 ply yarn. You will also need a large sewing needle at the end of the project to attach the ears to the hat.

For the hat:

  • Chain 8
  • Slip stitch to join
  • Chain 3
  • 2 Double crochet in each stitch (there should be 16 DC in total)
  • Slip stitch to join the round
  • Chain 3
  • 2 Double crochet in each stitch (32 DC in total)
  • Slip stitch to join the round.

For the ears:

  • Chain 5 and slip stitch to join
  • Chain 1
  • Work 10 half double crochet through the center of ring
  • Chain 1
  • Work 2 half double crochet in each of the next 8 stitches (16 HDC in total)
  • Work a reverse single crochet
  • Sew the ears onto the hat, make sure they are evenly placed on each side before securing