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Recycle That Old Phone You Hate, Get Money and Help a Good Cause!

For the past two years I’ve used a smartphone that I’ve absolutely hated. It gave me nothing but issues within the first few months of getting it. It never had service,  would randomly shut down, and the camera would stall among a million other things. I even had my original one replaced because AT&T thought maybe the first phone was faulty.

No, the Android Trill was just a hunk of junk, and I dreamed of the day that I could run it over with my car or take a hammer to it. Luckily for me I was so excited when I was due for a new phone that I forgot the death promises I had made. That hunk of junk ended up being cash in my pocket.

While waiting on line at the post office one day I had grabbed a free bag available for recycling ink cartridges. On that bag was also an advertisement for Maxback.com which is an online electronics recycling service that takes back old cellphones, iPods and tablets.

I looked up that Android phone that I so despised and found that MaxBack was willing to give me $84 for it! If I was willing to mail it to them in my own box (rather than having them send me a box for shipping) they would add an additional $5 to that price. And to top it off, they would give a 10% commission to a local school or charity of my choice, without taking that 10% out of the money they were going to give me.

That was a win, win, win situation if I ever heard one! The process was more than easy. I just had to create an account, select my cell phone and the condition it was in, picked a school in my town and mailed it! That was it! They even provided a prepaid printable shipping label.

They received my phone within 3 days of me shipping it and I was paid literally the next day through PayPal (if you don’t have a PayPal account you can request to have a check sent to you). I’m currently in the process of looking for some of my older phones, that I kept for whatever reason, to see what I can get for them too.

This site is awesome and I absolutely recommend checking it out if you have any old phones, iPods or tablets lying around  Why not get a few easy bucks from something you are going to get rid of anyway. Plus you’re saving the planet and helping a local cause at the same time!